Pet Diagnostic Care in Carmel: Digital Radiography

From broken bones to foreign bodies, there are a number of conditions that may require an internal diagnosis to provide the best treatment for pets. Radiographs—better known as X-rays—are among the most common diagnostic tools in veterinary medicine because they can be used to examine various parts of the body. They can be used to examine the bones, heart, and abdomen to detect fractures, the ingestion of foreign objects, and a number of other conditions. They can also help in the diagnosis of tumors as well as kidney, liver, and bladder problems.

Yellow Dog Veterinary Clinic in Carmel, IN, uses a digital radiography unit to provide our patients with the safest, most effective internal diagnosis. Typically, we recommend X-rays after the results of a physical exam, if we detect any abnormalities, like a distended abdomen or limping (which could indicate a fracture). X-rays are safe and non-invasive, and results are available the same day. Our investment in digital X-ray technology demonstrates our commitment to providing you and your pet with the best, most comprehensive care available.

X-ray of a dog's paws

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

  • Faster Image Production: Unlike film X-ray images, digital X-ray images can be processed immediately and viewed on a computer monitor. Faster processing means less waiting for you and your pet, and the faster a diagnosis is made, the faster we can begin treatment.
  • No Harsh Chemicals: Because the images are produced digitally, there is no need for harsh chemicals, which makes the process safer for your pet and our veterinarian. It’s also safer for the environment.
  • Better Image Quality: X-ray images that are produced digitally are much clearer and more detailed than film. The images can also be easily enhanced, which aids in a more accurate diagnosis of your pet’s condition.
  • Images Can Be Shared Digitally: If a second opinion is needed, or if another need to share X-ray images arises, we can easily email them to a specialist.

Please give us a call if you think your pet is in need of digital X-rays here at Yellow Dog Veterinary Clinic in Carmel, IN. Our goal is to provide your pet with the fastest, most accurate diagnosis so we can provide him/her with treatment as soon as possible.