Emergency Vet in Carmel

During Business Hours

It can be frightening and overwhelming when you have an emergency with your pet.  During business hours, Yellow Dog Veterinary Clinic is here for you.  Just call us at 317-900-7723 and we can help you whether that is instructing you on how to provide first aid treatment for your pet at home until you can arrive at our animal hospital or if it is scheduling an urgent appointment with us so we can provide care to your pet as soon as possible.  After arrival at Yellow Dog Vet, we will examine your pet and help you understand what the problem is as well as instruct you on the best treatment options available for your animal emergency.

Emergency vet clinic

After Hours Emergency Vet Clinics

Here in the greater Indianapolis area, we are blessed to have several after-hour veterinary emergency clinics.  Should you have an emergency after business hours, we recommend you contact the closest clinic near you.  Each clinic will contact Yellow Dog Vet the following morning and let us know how your pet is doing.  If hospitalization is required, we will work with the clinic to determine if your pet is stable enough to be transferred back to Yellow Dog Vet or needs to stay there for continued treatment.  If your pet was not hospitalized during its visit at the emergency clinic, we will be sure to contact you to follow up on the care of your pet and make sure all your questions have been answered.  We understand that your pet is part of your family and we are here to help you care for them.

Below is a list of emergency vet clinics that are available after hours and their locations: